Pollock Guide Service - Ice Fishing Report
2006 - 2007 Ice Fishing Report

December and the Beginning of January were spent in pursuit of walleyes on Lake Vermilion. Fishing ranged from poor to good depending on the day. Some good catches were made and some good times were had in the permanent shack.
The first week in January saw me shift into laker mode with a successful four day trip to Northwest Ontario followed by the Minnesota trout season.
The trout fishing was steady with some nice fish as well as consistent "2 - 3 fish" days with very few clunkers thrown in.
The last couple weeks of lake trout season brought some excellent fishing with "3 to 4 fish" days and a pretty 10 pounder and a beautiful 12.5 pounder caught and released.
As is always the case with lake trout, they have a mind of their own! In the last few years I've developed a number of "drop-back" tactics that have worked well on some of the trout that like to play Vexilar tag with the lure.
True to other years, the fish this winter could want nothing but jigs one day, tip-ups the next, then a combination of both. Thats why I love the lake trout. It was nice watching several people catch their first trout with me this winter as well. The season is winding down now and walleye and muskie are right around the corner.

(In loving memory of Brian Erickson)

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