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just a brief note to let you know that my son and I had an absolutely fantastic time fishing with you. You are an outstanding guide, and you made the experience memorable for both of us. How about that 48.5" muskie! Not bad for my son's first muskie catch. Please feel free to use me as a reference for others who are interested in using your services. We can hardly wait to go out with you again!

Attached are some photos from our time fishing with you November 5th and 6th, 2010. I want to say that Dan and I had a great time and really enjoyed our time on the water with you. As I stated a couple of times, your professional nature was very refreshing as I wanted Dan to have a memorable experience for his 21st birthday, which he did. The fish we caught were just a bonus to the laughs we had, joking about different television one liners and fishing a beautiful lake. It was fun to know that you had the similar sense of humor as we do. I look forward to fishing together in the future.
Thanks again,
Jeff Blanck

On November 12, 2005 I went trolling with Paul Pollock. I caught and released a 46 inch muskie with a 21 inch girth and my personal best fish - a fat 52 incher with a 24 inch girth. Paul has superb knowledge of muskies and the lake. The day of fishing was an awesome experience!
Vaughn Herhusky
Manager, Lucky 7 Sports, Virginia MN

Paul, Once again I'd like to express my sincere thanks for a fantastic fishing experience. At the dinner Saturday night I spoke with several people who did not have nearly the same success that we enjoyed. It was a credit to you and your knowledge of Lake Vermilion. My colleagues here at work are extremely jealous! I noticed that your truck was missing a Marine Corps emblem. The enclosed stickers are intended to remedy that. Thanks again, Paul, for being such a great host.
Semper fidelis, May 16, 2005

Hi Paul,
Whats up man? This is Dave O'Toole. I am the guy you took out last Monday(the 30th, July 07) with my Uncle Mike.
Thanks again for taking us out. You were a really cool dude, and I will recommend you to musky fishermen in the Chicago area. We had a great trip. Your spots you showed us really helped.
We caught a lot of big northern. I like the slot limit for northern on that lake. It helps the size of each catch. We caught more northerns to count. 5 of them were over 30 inches. Most were in the upper twenties.
We caught some decent sized bass also.
As far as musky, we moved 2 fish. Did not catch any.
The first follow up was at the islands that you showed us on the South shore of the west side of the lake, located southeast of Niles bay. The follow occurred on a mepp's giant killer. White buck-tail, silver/prism blade. This one was about 32 inches long. We were able to catch walleye, smallmouth and northern(including a 34 incher) at this spot.
The final follow was at the bay you showed us in between Muskego Bay, and Niles bay. The musky was at least 40 inches .......... maybe 44 inches, on a Pacemaker top-water/prop style bait. My dad screwed up the figure eight, otherwise he might have boated him. This was a sweet spot for us all trip. This spot coughed up tons of northern including another 34 incher.
All in all it was a great trip. Wish we could have boated a skie, but hey, now we have something to work off of for next year.
Take care man,
Dave O'Toole

I've been coming up to Northern Minnesota for the past 15 years for vacation and to fish mostly. With some success on many of the smaller lakes in the area I've struggled to get more than a bite or two in all the trips to Lake Vermillion.
After hearing of your Guiding Service, which seems to specialize in Lake Vermillion outings, I was eager to set up the trip. Having brought along my son Shane, and father-in-law Art, we were able to catch more than 40 walleyes. Three were 28" or more, and most were 15" to 19", by far the best day of fishing on Lake Vermillion for the group.
I can't say "Thank You" enough for your help in putting us on the fish!
Steve Costello

Hi Paul,
Had to write and thank you for the awesome day on the lake. Had an absolute blast. Caught my personal best on vermilion with the 26" walleye followed by the 22" and 20" what a day!! And of course the sorting through the 14" to 17" inchers for the pan! I had knowledge of fishing, knew how to catch them, but had a hard time finding them, but your insight has made me alot better fisherman. I really appreciate all of your help on locations, presentation, and what to look for when searching for walleyes. I have taken your knowledge and am now able to go out on the big V and catch numbers of fish. I look forward to going out with you in the fall and learn some fall locations and techniques. Once again Thanks for the all your help and Great Day on the Big "V".
Justin Nukala

Thanks for guiding us last week. I caught the two biggest fish of my life in the same day thanks to you. I learned a lot and had a great time. Brandon relayed the news to me about how to handle muskies once you land them. He told me about keeping them in the water until the picture and also about holding them horizontally and never to weigh them. I will definitely practice those tips next time I'm up there so that I can release the fish in the healthiest and most timely manner.
Thanks again for everything!
Matthew Lawrence
Head Boys' Volleyball Coach
Lincoln-Way North High School

That was my first time ever fishing Lave Vermilion and my first time casting a musky bait and I caught a 51 incher an hour and a half into the day! Even the 33 inch musky was bigger than anything I caught before. To bad on the fish you lost! Thanks for a day I'll never forget!
Eric B.

My brother-in-law and I had never fished for Muskies before. Paul provided a great experience fishing half time for walleyes and half time for Muskies. We had success with the walleyes. More importantly, the "fish of 10,000 casts" turned out to be the fish of about 20 casts as we caught a 28 lbs, 46 inch Muskie right off the bat. We highly recommend Paul and have had good feedback from people that we have steered his way already.
Sean Kearney - Edina, MN & Walt Begley - Lake Bluff, IL

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